Company Management

J.H.M. Sanath Thilakarathna (CEO)

I would like to welcome you all national/ international partners and well wishes as a CEO. I am very glad to Introduce ourselves as a leading Overseas Education, Overseas Employment, Travel and Air ticketing Company. “Air Link Sahasra Holdings (Pvt) Ltd”, of Sri Lanka. We offer a unique platform for those who are searching for overseas Education, Employment, Travel and Air Ticketing opportunities as well as those partners who are searching for best students, competent and capable employees, safe and Enjoyable Travels and Tours. We are proud of our company, which is committed to maintain suitable atmosphere for students and Institutes , Employees and Employers as well as travelers. “Air Link Sahasra Holdings (Pvt) Ltd”, has established with a view of supplying highly qualified students and human resources but also carrying mutual long term relations with our partners as well as students and Employees. In our 12 years of consultancy experience. At last we request all to join hands with us for long term Education and Business opportunity and finally the competent students and employees to obtain the current Education, Business, and Travel competitive edge.