Employee to UAE

Employee to UAE

Although the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is still facing some economic challenges, particularly in relation to fluctuating oil prices and global oversupply, the situation is improving. Concerns about dependence on oil and growing inflation mean that diversification is top of the UAE’s agenda for its long-term strategy for success and stability, as well as a move to create more opportunities for nationals. The best opportunities are likely to be in non-oil and non-financial industries such as ICT, fast-moving consumer goods and the retail sector. The majority of jobs are likely to be found in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. ADVERTISE HERE Win £100 to spend at your favourite supermarket As you will need an employer to sponsor you to work in UAE, you may want to find work with an international company with offices in the UAE in the first instance. English is the language of business but being able to speak and write Arabic will give you an advantage.

Special Job Categories

Domestic Servants




Farm Workers

Security Guards


Life Guards



Hotel Vacancies

Garment Categories

Other Job Category

Minium Entry Requirements

  • Age should be below 50 years
  • Passed GCE O/L Examination
  • Completed SLBFE Training