Employee to Japan

Employee to Japan (Technical Intern Trainee)

The Training Visa is for Applicants who will come to Japan for the purpose of training in an organization in order to acquire technology and other skills. The trainee system was originally created by the Japanese government to allow for the exchange and training of overseas based workers by companies in Japan.

  • The technology, skills, or knowledge that the Applicant intends to obtain in Japan should not be of a type obtained mostly through the repetition of simple work.
  • The Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
  • It should be expected that the Applicant will apply the technology, skills, or knowledge obtained in Japan after returning to her country.
  • The technology, skills, or knowledge the Applicant intends to obtain in Japan must be difficult or impossible to obtain in the region where he resides.
  • Special Training Programme

    Construction Worker

    Farm Labour

    Factory Worker

    Garment Workers



    All Industrial Categories

    Other Job Category

    Minium Entry Requirements

    • Age should be between 18 years & 35 years
    • Passed GCE O/L Examination
    • Completed Japan N4 level