Employee to Malaysia

Employee to Malaysia

The economy in Malaysia is growing at a steady pace, having transformed itself over the past 30 years from a producer of raw materials to a vast, multi-industry and innovation-based economy. However, there are restrictions in place concerning the number of foreign employees that Malaysian companies can employ, and organisations can only recruit international workers if there are no qualified Malaysians to fill the position. With many qualified nationals graduating each year, competition for jobs is fierce. More than half of the country's labour force is based in the tertiary sector, also known as the services sector. This is followed by industry, notably the lucrative oil, gas and biotechnology sectors.

Special Job Categories


Domestic Servants




Farm Workers



Security Guards/ Life Guards



Hotel Vacancies

Garment Categories

Other Job Category

Minium Entry Requirements

  • Age should be below 45 years
  • Passed GCE O/L Examination
  • Completed SLBFE Training

Special Benefit

  • For Pharmacist - Salary Rs-70000(1800MYR)